Monday, 15 December 2014

Type of Retail Store Fixtures and Showroom Displays

Store Fixtures or showroom displays are used for visual merchandising, display products and also create a center of attention among the consumer. Different types of fixture and display are available in the market, such as slatwall fixtures, gridwall fixtures, clothing store fixtures, hangers, display cases, shopping bags, jewelry displays, gondola shelves and mannequins. Business owners get the attractive way to exposure to their store products and customer with the help of fixtures.

Different size and colors of slatwall store fixtures available in the market and these fixtures also referred to as slatboard, slotwall or grooved board. They are used to display clothes, accessories, equipments and jewelry. The different types of slatwall store fixtures are panels, hooks, faceouts, floor fixtures, wire displays, wire baskets, wire shelves, corner forms, brochure holders, and acrylic displays. Hangers are another type of store fixture used to display clothing. Different types of hangers are wooden hangers, metal hangers and plastic hangers.

Other types of store fixtures are gridwall panel and gridwall hooks. They can be used on the wall or floor in any store. Gridwall store fixtures include wire shelves, shelf brackets, grid exhibit, mini grid, sign holders, connectors and floor fixtures. Shopping bags are another type of store fixtures. Different types of shopping bags are white craft bags, tinted bags, natural craft, shopping baskets and Christmas bags.

Store fixture collections are used to display collection of products. Gondola shelves are used for heavy duty products. These are made of steel and can support heavy products. Different sizes of gondola shelves are available. Mannequins are dummies usually used to display clothes. Mannequins store fixtures include adult mannequins, children, flexible, sports and system mannequins.

There is different type showcase case available for jewelry store or showrooms. The economy showcase in different style displays includes full vision, half vision, open cases, jewelry and register stands. Also different types of fixtures for jewelry display include necklace, bracelet, ring display, chain and jewelry watches.

What are the benefits of fixtures to Business Owner
  1. Store fixtures helpful for business owner to arrange or display their products effectively.
  2. Also manage free space between display, wall and floor.
  3. Magnetize shopper or buyer
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