Monday, 2 March 2015

Creative Ideas & Use of Female Mannequins Displays for Clothing Retail Store

In the modern day, many types of mannequins available in market and it would be a mistake to try to use the generic mannequins for different type of business purpose. Mannequins are an important element in a retailer's marketing strategy. They -
  • Differentiate your store from the competition.
  • Establish a connection with your target customers.
  • Communicate with the marketplace.
Positioning and Image : - The mannequin’s category and style represent your business and help to determine who you are pitching your image and product, and should be considered in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy. Boutique, high-end fashion, and funky style, vintage - the style of "female mannequin" you choose basically for showing and attracting feminine customers or consumers.

Style, Shape & Age Demographics : - Choose that mannequins who are much with for your target demographic, and before buy mannequins survey your target public to find out how they see themselves. I know of one instance where a marketer was pushing a "flirty", "sexy" image, but when they finally did a survey they found out that their target community actually perceived themselves as more traditional and old-fashioned. And they realized that their previous promotion and strategy was waste their time or money. To target a certain market sector represent your business image that sector considers they to be - DON'T GUESS. The mannequins need to forward that image as well.

Mannequins should be Unique : - The mannequin are like model, independently represent your business among the consumers and its style help to your target demographics in so far as shape style, attitude, mood and finish. But the best mannequins are customized further. They are sculpted to the cut and style of clothing that is to be displayed, so that no pinning is necessary and the garments are shown in the best possible manner. This makes then far more attractiveness to potential buyers.

Female Mannequin Can Up-sell Your Customers : - The female mannequin acts as a point of sale aid that not only enhances the garments but shows immediately how pairings of different items of clothing actually look together. It can be hard for customers to try and envisage this. Displaying garments on a mannequin present immediately how they actually look and the customer's took purchasing decision.

In addition, accessory items such as shoes, hats, scarves, gloves etc. can all be displayed on a mannequin, providing a complete outfit. This increases the chance of customers buying further items, which makes mannequins a very effective sales aid. A female mannequin and how it is dressed can provide a complete visual image of new fashion ideas and concepts, and sell the target audience this.

Advertise Yourself : - A mannequin can also be used to advertise the store by capturing the passing customer's attention and attractive them to enter and examine the items for sale. Naturally the mannequin needs to be representing business outstandingly with the shop's entire visual-merchandising strategy. With help of mannequins you can attract consumers and gain profits, so make sure your mannequins match and enhance the background and design of the store.

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Where to Find Mannequins for Store Customization and More Profits

Any time a clothing store opens or expands, they must buy mannequins. There are many different places to find a mannequin for sale, including the Internet, companies that mass produce mannequins and businesses that make unique mannequins one at a time. Other mannequin seller’s offer used mannequins at a discount.

There are numerous websites that sell mannequins. Some of them manufacture their own mannequins while others offer mannequins from well-known mannequin makers around the world. Other websites sell used and refurbished mannequins at low prices. Most Internet mannequin dealers have pictures and description of the mannequins they have in stock so that buyers know exactly what they are getting. Websites that sell used or unique mannequins have different inventories daily and do not always have the same models, so it is a good idea for consumers to act quickly when they see a mannequin they like on one of these websites. Some websites offer free shipping on large orders.

Some mannequin manufacturers mass-produce their products, creating hundreds or thousands of identical mannequins. They often have a mannequin designer that comes up with specific body shapes and facial features that are then made into molds in order to be produced on a large scale. These mannequins are often less expensive than one-of-a-kind mannequins. Mannequins produced in the same factory are usually of comparable quality, providing buyers with a consistent level of quality.

Other mannequin dealers specialize in making unique mannequins. These are often more expensive, but they are high-quality, one-of-a-kind mannequins unlike any others in the world. Some of these manufacturers design and make their mannequins one at a time in order to insure that they are of the highest quality possible. There are many places to find mannequins for sale. People can buy them off the Internet or from mannequin stores that specialize in creating unique mannequins.

Buying your store fixtures wholesale is not only mandatory it's a last resort after you've tried buying antique fixtures at a fraction of the cost. Even if you've hired a top-notch retail store designer, he or she should be buying your fixtures and other materials at prices even better than wholesale. The designer should be charging for his services and not making a markup on the raw materials.

Modern Store Fixtures and Design Inc. have been serving hundreds of businesses in New York Metropolitan Area by providing high quality display or fixtures and competitive one from market. Visit them, get their catalogues when you are planning the look of your store and ask them about closeouts and discontinued items for sale. Getting the fixtures you've been wanting at prices even better than you expected.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Mannequins Display in Clothing Retail Store

Mannequins have been successfully utilized in the retail world for centuries. The word mannequin literally means little man. Mannequins have been created out of all kinds of material, like wood, wax, wire, plaster, and even fabric. Regardless of which material is being used, the mannequin is here to stay as a retail store display.

Several types of mannequins are available to display specific types of merchandise. There are mannequins in men's, ladies and children's forms and even display forms of hands, necks, heads, legs and headless torsos. A good display in any store will always show the merchandise well - the overall effect depends entirely on how well the mannequin is put to use.

The merchandise itself is much more important than the mannequins, but you need to know how to set up the mannequins in a creative manner to get the best effect. Every department in your store should treat the mannequins to fit a specific type of merchandise. The selected mannequins, along with the pose, the style of hair and the color of the skin should reflect the merchandise or garment to be displayed.

For instance, if your store has a sportswear section, the mannequins will naturally be displayed in active poses. The skin tones of the mannequins should also reflect the active lifestyles of athletes. The wigs for the mannequins should be short - cropped or with ponytails. On the other hand, mannequins in the formalwear department, that display evening gowns and formal apparel, should have more conservative poses.

Creative Mannequin Positioning

The positioning of mannequins, whether for a window or a floor display, should be done in a very artistic and creative manner. Use your imagination, something out of the norm can catch people's eye and make them take notice. In many cases, you will be limited by certain factors, such as the area where the mannequin will be placed, the lighting and props, the garments or merchandise that should be displayed, and the overall theme of the display. But you can still be both effective and creative.

Considering where the mannequin will be placed could be the most important decision in your store's floor design. Do you plan on using mannequins on the floor as a display, or as an eye-catcher in the window? Consider whether the window has an open or closed back because that will change what kind of mannequin to use. Mannequins displayed on the floor should blend in with the theme and color scheme of the rest of the floor. The whole point to a mannequin, whether on the floor or in the window, is to catch a shopper's eye and entice them to buy the displayed product.

Considering placing your mannequins in a group, then they should be placed in such a way that they seem like they are interacting with one another. In the 'ladies' section of your store, you could use a combination of male as well as female mannequins; in the 'children's' section, you could place a whole family of mannequins consisting of a mother, father and the children.

Finally, it isn't wise to leave your mannequins standing in the same position for too long. Try to rotate them and dress them up in different clothes regularly. Avoid mixing window mannequins with the floor ones. It is always a good idea to clean your mannequins regularly so that they always look fresh.

With Modern Store Fixture, business owners improve their merchandising effectiveness. Several styles are available such as male mannequin to meet your creative needs. Mannequins actively display your merchandise to your prospective customers, they are more important than you might think. Paying attention to the way your mannequins represent your business is sure to pay off in the form of increased customers and sales.

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Benefits of Display Mannequins

Mannequins are primarily used in stores to display clothing. A display mannequin is usually a full-size dummy in the shape of a person. A display mannequin will normally include all parts of the human body including a head and feet. Display mannequins can be made of several different materials, including fiberglass, wood, plaster, or wax.

Nearly every clothing store has at least one display mannequin. They are commonly found in the front windows of stores at the mall to show off the store's newest fashions. Display mannequins must be life-sized in order for the clothes to fit well over them. Most mannequins are full figures including the head, torso, arms, and legs, but some are only a torso. These types of display mannequins are perfect for saving space while modeling shirts and blouses. The full-size mannequins do take up more room, but they are more versatile in that they can be used to display entire outfits including hats, shirts, pants, and shoes.

Display mannequins are usually modeled after people who are physically fit. People are more likely to view the clothing favorably if it is displayed in a flattering way on the model's physique.
A display mannequin can be made of several materials. Many are made of fiberglass. These mannequins are durable and easy to mass-produce. Other mannequins are made of plaster. Plaster mannequins are easier to break than fiberglass models, but are still useful if handled correctly. Wooden mannequins are less common than plaster and fiberglass mannequins because they take longer to make. They were much more common before plastic manufacturing caught on. Wax mannequins are rarely used to display clothing for sale in stores, but are often found in museums.
Display mannequins are a great way for stores to show off their clothing. Shoppers get a good idea what the clothes will look like on a real person when they see them on a display mannequin.

Benefits of Mannequins Display and How to Use
  • Make the mannequins look interesting.
  • Think of the total environment of the window and display. The mannequins should blend in with the environment that you have created.
  • Mannequins have their physical good sides, angles or positions that they are best viewed from. Consider the most attractive view of the mannequin.
  • Mix your mannequins such as a pair of male and female mannequins. This is eye catching and has an element of surprise to the shop.
  • Treat each department differently, (sport wear /sports goods women's wear, children's, men's wear) when creating displays especially with the mannequins.
  • Rotate your mannequin groups regularly and re-position them.
Modern Store Fixtures and Design Inc. provide first-class quality mannequins, mannequin heads, mannequin torso, female mannequins, and other retail store fixtures. Mannequins put on view your retail store commodities and help to achieve aim of your business. Display mannequins are a great way for stores to show off their clothing. Shoppers get a good idea what the clothes will look like on a real person when they see them on a display mannequin.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Buy Cost-Effective Clothing Hanger for Cloth Retail Store

Mostly Business owners used hanger for display cloth in retail store or showrooms. Hangers are most basic and fundamental choice for visual displaying over other elaborate and beautiful store fixtures such as mannequins and mannequin forms. Retailers should pay clothes attention to the types of hangers they use. The customers will notice the clothing hangers, consciously or unconsciously, and they will make a difference in the customer's overall impression of the store.

Many types of hangers are available in the market for displaying purpose. Wire hangers are most common fixture in the market because of the made from metal, these hangers available in cheapest price and versatile. One specific disadvantage to wire hangers is their negative tendency to clothing that has not yet dried, leaving nasty rust stains or stretching the stitches.

Plastic or wooden hanger’s also great choice for t-shirts and blouses, wire hangers usually work just fine, but they have been known to leave small creases in the fabric. For this reason, most retail store owners now use large gage plastic hangers for their everyday clothing items.  Plastic hangers also available in cheapest prices and reduce the risk of staining.

Modern store fixture also provide wide range of hangers and accessories which fruitful for your business. In cloth retail store or showrooms used different hangers for tops than for bottoms for visual displaying. The clothing hangers for tops are usually plastic with a metal hook and formed shoulders. The metal hook is handy for clothing racks, and the shoulders keep shirts and blouses looking good.

Some retail store also use wooden or fiberglass hangers and its really give amazing display and eye-catching look. Pants, skirts and other under garment are hung by clipping hanger. There are many different clipping mechanisms, but they are all used to clip the waist band and allow for the garment to hang. Such clipping hangers come in plastic, metal, wood and fiberglass.

Sport jackets, coats, slacks, and suits are usually hung with wooden hangers in showrooms. Wooden hangers have a wire or metal hook for the same reason that other retail hangers do. Different types of wooden hangers are available in the market such as rounded shoulders, rounded bar from tip to tip and forming a flattened triangle and some have a pinch bar that holds slacks in place on the bottom bar. These are expensive hangers often used for the display of fine clothes or suits.

Different types of hangers available in the market for children retail store. Modern store fixture provide a complete range of hanger for clothe retail store and also designed special colorful or smart hangers for children cloth retail store business. Plastic children's hangers often come in multiple colors to help coordinate the store and make things a little more fun.

It is important to be knowledgeable about the different kinds of clothing hangers on the market for retail use in order to make good display decisions. The clothing hangers may affect the clothing racks purchases and the types of wall display features chosen. Be sure to find the hangers that show off your retail clothes the best.  

Monday, 15 December 2014

Type of Retail Store Fixtures and Showroom Displays

Store Fixtures or showroom displays are used for visual merchandising, display products and also create a center of attention among the consumer. Different types of fixture and display are available in the market, such as slatwall fixtures, gridwall fixtures, clothing store fixtures, hangers, display cases, shopping bags, jewelry displays, gondola shelves and mannequins. Business owners get the attractive way to exposure to their store products and customer with the help of fixtures.

Different size and colors of slatwall store fixtures available in the market and these fixtures also referred to as slatboard, slotwall or grooved board. They are used to display clothes, accessories, equipments and jewelry. The different types of slatwall store fixtures are panels, hooks, faceouts, floor fixtures, wire displays, wire baskets, wire shelves, corner forms, brochure holders, and acrylic displays. Hangers are another type of store fixture used to display clothing. Different types of hangers are wooden hangers, metal hangers and plastic hangers.

Other types of store fixtures are gridwall panel and gridwall hooks. They can be used on the wall or floor in any store. Gridwall store fixtures include wire shelves, shelf brackets, grid exhibit, mini grid, sign holders, connectors and floor fixtures. Shopping bags are another type of store fixtures. Different types of shopping bags are white craft bags, tinted bags, natural craft, shopping baskets and Christmas bags.

Store fixture collections are used to display collection of products. Gondola shelves are used for heavy duty products. These are made of steel and can support heavy products. Different sizes of gondola shelves are available. Mannequins are dummies usually used to display clothes. Mannequins store fixtures include adult mannequins, children, flexible, sports and system mannequins.

There is different type showcase case available for jewelry store or showrooms. The economy showcase in different style displays includes full vision, half vision, open cases, jewelry and register stands. Also different types of fixtures for jewelry display include necklace, bracelet, ring display, chain and jewelry watches.

What are the benefits of fixtures to Business Owner
  1. Store fixtures helpful for business owner to arrange or display their products effectively.
  2. Also manage free space between display, wall and floor.
  3. Magnetize shopper or buyer
There are a number of manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers of new and used store fixtures throughout the United State. Modern Store Fixture is the leading web store in the USA and manufacturing different types of retail store fixtures or showroom displays. Also, provide cost-effective interior designer service to our valuable clients. Located in New York and New Jersey, Modern Store Fixtures Inc. is proud and honored to be the supplier of choice for all your retail fixtures and store display needs.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Organize Your Retail Store or Showroom with Common Store Fixture

In modern times, Store or Showroom Owners always worried about the eye-catching look, how to manage free space and display their merchandise in effective ways. And, attract the customers towards business. The owners are always looking for the versatile, inexpensive and outstanding solution for their business and spend a lot of money this. And their search never ends. Modern Store Fixture is one of the solo sources which offer its interior designing service and various types of fixtures or displays in different shape or size for you.

Fixtures are objects which used by store owners to serve purpose such as for display, to accentuate, and to maximize space. Below, we share some common type of store fixtures with corresponding descriptions.

Most Common Store Fixture for Retail Business
  1. Racks: - Racks fixtures or displays are the most prime fixture for a business owner who starts with a small rented space. It is a fruitful fixture for displaying stock and gives a pretty looks to your store. You can make the most of your space by utilizing numerous display racks, which are as follows: rolling racks, round racks, combination racks; four ways garment racks and handbag racks. These are considered essentials in commercial shops because a place that is in order can be very inviting in the eyes of the customers.
  2. Slatwall Towers and Gondolas Displays: - Slatwall Tower and Gondolas with advance features, interior design, cost-effective and more over our display merchandisers are visually appealing and attract shoppers with their size. Some examples of slatwall fixtures include: hooks, picture hangers, shelf brackets, hangrails, and metal displayers. It plays an important role in keeping the place organizes and orderly.
  3. Gridwall Fixtures: - Similar to slatwall fixtures, gridwall are steels fixtures used on the wall where hooks, hangers, brackets are hanged and also where the wire shelves and wire baskets are displayed because they occupy less space. Gridwall fixture and accessories will create a big impact when it comes to customer's convenience in sorting out products of their choice.
  4. Cloth Hangers & Accessories: - Hangers are the one of the most common fixtures used by Cloth Store and very fruitful for business owners. Well-organized display of stocks and maximize available space. We provide metal hanger, plastic hanger, satin covered hanger, wood hanger and accessories with different shape or size for you.
  5. Mannequins Displays: - It is excellent approach to catch the attention of customers towards business by displaying products through mannequins. Mannequins are the great visual displays for any business.
There are number of wholesaler which provides store fixture products and interior designer service around every city in America. We are the one of the leading suppliers for marketing store display collections, home improvement products and also retail store fixtures. Whether you are opening a new business, renovating an old business, or just simply replacing old fixtures, Modern Store Fixtures will ensure that you get what you need.